Links to content that refers to the We Stand Statement will appear, as much as we can manage, below. If you see such content on line please send links for possible inclusion. This could be supportive or critical commentary and appearing here doesn’t imply support, just a kind of tally and notification for your use. 

Also below we will post links to essays or other content by initial signers, or brought to our attention for inclusion by initial signers, that bears upon the content of the We Stand Statement or could aid in thinking about its wider application, extension,  improvement, or use. If you see anything by an initial signer that in your view qualifies to appear here, please send us a link for possible inclusion.

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Content About We Stand and Support from Sites

Kelly: Steer Your Way – on OpEdNews

Albert: We Stand – on ZNet, and Real News Network

Rosenberg Quarterly – has top page focus on it…

The ZNet Site has a top page overlay urging users to sign, and reproducing the statement
– the top page also has a promotion of the We Stand Project.


Resources by Initial Signers, proposed by them…

Glick: Taking on Trump
Global Climate Justice Movement Statement
(submitted by Patrick Bond)
Fletcher/Wing: Fighting Back
Alperovitz: Building A System Changing Response
Albert: Fuck Trump
Chomsky: The new Trump era
Chomsky: Trump, KKK…
Solomon: Resistance
Albert: Blame or Program
Albert: What Now?